Composting at High Elevation

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admin asked 2 years ago

We just moved here and will be living at ~6800 ft elevation in high rolls at zip 88325. I recently started doing some vermicomposting indoors but have little experience in any other types of composting. Do you know of any resources that are specific to this elevation/area?Or is composting about the same wherever one resides. I appreciate any insight you can provide. 

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admin answered 2 years ago
Answer by JZ:

Great to hear about your interest. Vermicomposting is a fine idea.

The composting recipe is universal, but composting management is influenced by climate.  At your elevation with cooler temps. your outdoor composting setup may be a bit slower in general,  especially in the winter months, but will perk up in the warmer months. My setups are at 5,300 ft. elevation – no problem.

I would encourage you to read our brief brochure:  at the top of this page: NMSU: Bernalillo County Master Composters Desert Composting Recommendations

See the informational selections on the left column of our home page:

Get organized, then compost on.   Let us know if you have questions.