Feeding Worms in a Worm Farm

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admin asked 9 months ago

I am retired and it started a small worm farm with my wife we are looking for material to feed the worms and also knowledge and doing this. I’m in area code 87112 at the end of Candelaria thanking you in advance.


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admin answered 10 months ago
Answer by JZ:

Great to hear about your worm farm.   Other colleagues may also send answers to your question.

Most coffee shops will save up spent grounds and filters if you make arrangements with them. Starbucks stores put grounds in a bucket somewhere in main lobby.

Squeezed Juice Bar (https://squeezedjuicebars.com/) may save up pulp for you, if bring them 5 gallon buckets.   505.689.5766

Free horse manure: Pine Ridge Arabians, Corrales, NM, 505.263.4316

Sam McCarthy from Santa Fe is an experienced worm composter who might give you some advice.

Hope that this is helpful.  Let us know if you have more questions.


admin answered 10 months ago
Answer by JZ:

I could also mention that fallen leaves which are in abundance now –  shredded, are a worm bedding and nutrition source along with many shredded paper products.

An excellent resource for you:  “The Worm Farmer’s Handbook” 2018 by Rhonda Sherman, available at amazon.com

admin answered 9 months ago
From original questioner:

Thanks for the valuable response we have also met several times with Mary Green she seemed to know a lot about worms and has given us lots of valuable information we can’t seem to find out where to sell the castings and what they’re worth we don’t have much yet because we have given away most of our breed stock to friends and relatives. We wish you a great New Year