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admin asked 2 years ago
I work in the healthy soils and compost space and am currently exploring opportunities with some local partners to start a commercial compost business in ABQ. Would you have time to connect and chat about compost in the ABQ area?

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admin answered 2 years ago
Answer by JZ:
Excellent idea.

I personally have no experience with management of large scale composting operations. The composting formula / recipe is the same for both small and large operations.

I’ll suggest the following as outfits / people with whom you might consult:

Large scale operation run ABCWUA on the far West Mesa. I do not know who currently manages the facility: Compost

Sandoval Co. Composting Rio Rancho: Green Waste, compost & mulch | The Official Site of Rio Rancho, NM

Soilutions: Bates Rd, South Valley: Recycling – Soilutions    Walter Dods is the manager:

Paynes Nuseries, Santa Fe:  Organic Soil Yard – Payne’s Nurseries

Santa Fe City Composting:  Purchase compost | City of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Food Scrap collection service in ABQ:  Home | Little Green Bucket

Perhaps this helpful.     Keep up !     Let me know if you have further questions.

admin answered 2 years ago
From original questioner:
This was SUPER super helpful, thank you! Do you all have any community composters working with schools, churches, etc?

admin answered 2 years ago
Answer from JZ:
Yes, in recent past we have had composting classes specifically for school teachers and one member has a grammar school teaching site. We’ve also had info. tables at a variety of community events.

We have active outdoor composting demo sites at the BernCo. Extension office, The ABQ Garden Center and the Open Space Visitor Center.  We are not limited by zip code.  We try to honor all requests anywhere.

We sometimes get requests for on-site composting consultations. We usually respond as best we can to anyone who asks for help.

Some activities are curtailed by the pandemic.   Here is a list of our class activities since 2010. Class descriptions are at bottom of page. NMSU: Bernalillo County Master Composters: Classes/Activities for the Public: Archive

Click on any year to get classes for that year.