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admin asked 10 years ago

I’m a new county resident and I’m looking for the best location in my Sandia Park (Sandia Knolls) yard to place my composter. Are there any rules out here that dictate distance between a composter and lot lines or standing structures (or any other rules)? I’m planning to use a wood box rather than a plastic thing or an uncovered pile.

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admin answered 10 years ago
Answer by PB:
Not familiar with Bernalillo County/ABQ. Just know that there are easements that need to be respected as far as the construction of permanent structures – in Rio Rancho it is 5 feet. Some HOA’s also have regulations for permanent structures. I would just caution you to be respectful of your neighbors as far as smells and the potential for pests. Also it should be near a water source and kept covered.